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View photos Clothes have been spotted being sold at discounted prices in Stein Mart stores (Wikipedia) More View photos Sales of Ivanka Trumps clothing line reportedly dropped after her dad was elected President (Rex) More As well as the name change, the clothing line is now being sold in Stein Mart outlets across the U.S. at a heavily discounted price. The rebranding comes just months after several retailers and high-end stores dropped the clothing line after sales plummeted when her father was elected President. Reports from some shops revealed how shoppers were seen spitting at the clothes in front of cashiers before storming out. MORE:Coventry school bans pupils from wearing coats Website Business of Fashion , who uncovered the rebranding effort, stated that label swapping is commonplace in the industry. They added that the name change by G-III, an apparel company which manufactures and distributes Ivankas fashion line under license, could have been simply looking to protect the Ivanka Trump brand from being associated with a discount retailer. Insisting the move was not a political one, Stein Mart chief executive D. Hunt Hawkins told the site: Weve had both labels for a while. We may see more Adrienne Vittadini in the short term. Ive had an equal number of [customers] say that they dont want and do want [the Ivanka Trump merchandise] in the store.

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And its employee count is about to triple. Good Clothing Co. is due to receive a $117,760 grant from the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program to hire and train new employees, according to the state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The funding, which Hilderbrand said the company will match, will result in 45 new jobs by 2019, 30 of which will be brought on board in the next year. Hilderbrand said most of the jobs will be in the Fall River facility, but some Mashpee positions will need to be filled as well. Its perfect timing, she said of the award, which starts May 1. Were going to create a number of jobs in a range of different positions. It all ties into the Good Apparel piece of the business that work makes these jobs a possibility. Mary Lou Palumbo, executive director of the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce, said Hilderbrands expansion has been exciting to watch. I used to take my clothes to her to be tailored when she owned Stitched, she said, referencing Hilderbrands tailoring shop. Ive really watched her evolve into what she is today.

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แบบเสื้อทีมสวยๆ align='left' /> The first round elimination of two other main presidential candidates, the far-left's Jean-Luc Melenchon and conservative Francois Fillon, was greeted with relief by investors and EU partners of France, a founder of the bloc, a key member of the NATO defense alliance, and the world's fifth largest economy. Le Pen had for months seemed sure of a second round place, even though the race was closely fought, and polls ahead of round one showed Macron with a far greater chance than Fillon of beating her next Sunday. Melenchon, for his part, offered the prospect of a second-round choice between two candidates who would tear up international trade treaties and whose presidencies could be fatal to a European Union already weakened by Britain's departure. Macron and Le Pen between them accounted for only 45 percent of the first round vote, and the battle is now on for the remainder. Polls show Macron winning next Sunday with about 59-60 percent, but the momentum has been with Le Pen, who has clawed back about five percentage points over the past week. END OF TRADITIONAL LOYALTIES The presidential contest has blown apart traditional party loyalties. Voters now have a stark choice between a resurgent far right, once a pariah in French politics, and a man whose political movement is less than a year old and who has never held elected office. It sets Macron's enthusiasm for the EU and call for pro-business reforms to boost growth against Le Pen's desire for France to close its borders to immigrants, unwind EU institutions and restrict imports to protect jobs. "The May 7 election is about a European choice," said outgoing President Francois Hollande, speaking at a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels.

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