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The television personality, chef and cookbook author began peddling furniture last fall and is now plunging into apparel, jewelry and accessories. She is opening a pop-up shop in Austin, Texas, at her decade-old Feedback music-and-food festival which coincides with the South by Southwest music, tech and film confab starting on March 13. Ray has built her business championing the everyday cook, concocting 30-minute meals that have been vilified by foodie snobs. Now, shes betting that her down-to-earth touch with apparel and tchotchkes will be her next big hit. My friends and I are bringing in some of our favorite stuff and test-driving it, the celebrity chef told The Post. If people like what we do, thats our starting point to turn it into something bigger. The Moxie Shop, as its called, will offer such apparel brands as Otte, Ganni and Mother. Accessories on display will come from Hadid Eyewear, April Soderstrom and Ellis Brooklyn. It will be open for a week. These are things that I wear, stuff thats loose and comfortable, Ray said. The Rachael Ray Home Collection launched in the fall, including dining, bedroom and living room sets that she designed, as well as a line of cookware. But shes a long way from becoming the next Martha Stewart, who sells everything from bedding, dinnerware, paint, furniture and oodles more at national retailers like Macys.

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