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The writer whipped out the thesaurus, referring to the heels as "busted," "damaged," and "destroyed," and further elaborated the grave crimes of which the shoes are guilty: They apparently contain a "chunk of missing resin exposing the steel heel in the shoe." Excuse me while I clutch my pearls and shield the eyes of any young children nearby. It's true that Clinton's shoes don't exactly look brand-new. They have some damage at the heels and the leather soles look a little worn — because they're shoes and, by definition, they repeatedly touch the ground all day. And any woman knows city streets will chew up your shoes with speed and ease, and there's really no way to prevent wear and tear short of being carried, Cleopatra-style, to your destination. Still, the Daily Mail has no chill for this. I mean, we get it, they're a tabloid: Whipping up controversy over women's bodies and fashion choices is literally their business model. This is the same paper that never misses a chance to say a celeb is "flaunting her taut abs" when she's simply... wearing a crop top. They gleefully published Kim Kardashian's bikini pics and helpfully pointed out that her "curvaceous behind" is " dimpled with cellulite ." While body-shaming is sadly expected from a tabloid, shading women for wearing the same clothes multiple times comes from the same root: dictating how women should look.

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