Some Simple Information On Crucial Criteria For Textile Lab Equipment

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Ethiopia to build new airplane interior parts factory, sourcing leather locally for seat covers to expand its leather/textile industry. Seat belts, carpets and more not only for Ethiopian Airlines but other airlines after approval from European Aviation Safety Agency and US' FAA.

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Govt asked to restore textile exporters' role in DDT claims

He said that after a serious decline in exports in the past few years, it has now picked up with the help of DDT under PM's Export Package, which was extended for another 3 years but its notification is pending by the Caretaker government. "PHMA and all other value added textile associations draw your immediate attention that Ministry of Textile Industry had removed the crucial role of Associations as was in the previous notification of DLTL without consultation. Formerly, the Associations used to certify the authenticity of information provided by the exporting units and verify the claim documents by the authorized Executive Committee Members of the associations." Dr Khurram said that large number of complaints have been received from members of all associations that after elimination of role of associations, the responsibility of banks have increased to check the authenticity of claims as well as scrutiny of documents. Consequently, exporters' claims have been delayed due to mistakes on part of banks during checking and authenticity of claims followed by scrutiny owing to which State Bank of Pakistan marked numerous objections. Hence the exporters were facing inordinate delays while they were also penalized due to mistakes of banks, he added. The PHMA chairman said that earlier, the associations were undertaking the responsibility to check documents, verify claims of exporters and certify the claims for onward submission to authorised dealers the documents like GD for eligible HS Code, Bill of Lading to confirm shipment, verify PRC, Annexure IV to check the contents of PRC e.g. Date of realization, FCY value etc and Calculation of claims. Meaning thereby the associations were checking the genuineness of all claims and due diligence to stop fraudulent and fake claims and were also reporting to the Ministry of Textile on quarterly basis. This way, the associations were on board with the Ministry of Textile in respect to all the claims filed by its members. Similarly, the associations were making the jobs of banks easy to scrutinize and process claims onwards.

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